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Beijing bluetop Polytron Technologies Inc is a radio based special phonetic monitoring, video technology, high-tech enterprises to provide products and services of IPTV, OTT, Internet and other media industry.
Over the years the company is committed to monitoring and broadcasting audio and video product development and innovation, has a number of national invention patents, with a team of nearly twenty years of industry experience as well as on radio and television, audio and video, multimedia, Internet technology, new ideas, new applications continue to invest and continue to study, bluetop has maintained a healthy development stable and fast, the business covers all over the world.
The main products and services including: Radio and TV monitoring and supervision system, IPTV/OTT monitoring and supervision system, Internet audio-visual program monitoring and supervision system, supervision system, monitoring of radio transmitting stations broadcast security intelligent dispatching system, broadcasting transmission platform operation support system, audio and video content management system, and high precision measurement system, all standard test audio and video integrated experimental platform solutions, we published and the State Administration of Radio Film and television news, monitoring center, all cable network companies, television stations, OTT/IPTV operators, radio transmitting stations, universities and research institutes to establish the depth of cooperation, to provide strong technical support and comprehensive value-added services to ore team from famous universities at home and abroad, research institutions and other well-known multinational enterprises name. Team members have the dream of changing the world, the demand for traction, close cooperation with broadcasting, telecommunications, education, electronic information industry, made a breakthrough in a number of cooperation projects, and constantly develop industry-leading products, participate in the project was included in the national key new product plans, major scientific and technological achievements, Beijing City, Beijing city the torch plan. The bluetop provides a good development space for each employee at the same time, it has laid a solid foundation for the company to enhance the core competitiveness of human resources.
From the decision level to the management to the staff, we adhere to the concept of "user first" and let technology serve the users. To this end, bluetop efforts never stop! Have the whole world in view, in the future, bluetop is willing to work with new and old customers to achieve a broader integration and win-win!