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MPEG2 Transport Stream Analyzer

Profile information:
4-in-1:TS Playing, Recording, Decoding and Analyzing;   Real-time TR101290 Monitoring, Triggerrecording;   ASI I/O; RF Input(DVB-C/-T/-S/S2,DTMB) .
basic information
Product description
  •       4-in-1: TS Playing, Recording, Decoding and Analyzing;
  •       Real-time TR 101 290 Monitoring, Trigger recording;
  •       ASI I/O; RF Input (DVB-C/-T/-S/S2,DTMB)


Real-time / file analysis, playing out, monitoring and recording of MPEG2 transport streams;

Compact size, multiple analysis modules;

User-definable TR 101 290 conformance monitoring (Priority 1,2 &3) ;

Support TSoverIP analyzing ( PC Network interface requested);

 Support Trigging and scheduled TS recording; 

 Support MPEG2/MPEG4 AVC/H.264 SD,HD decoding;

 TS recording is synchronously with TS decoding;

 Full log survey including measurement log and error log;

 ASI Input/Output; RF Input (DVB-C/T/S2,DTMB);

 ASI Input bit rate:Maximum 120Mb/s;


Monitor & debug MPEG-2/DVB encoder and multiplexer

Monitor digital satellite, terrestrial, and cable systems

Monitor and debug digital video broadcasting system