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Signal Monitoring System (EMS-120)

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EMS-120 Signal Monitoring System offer sareliableway to monitor various signals, includeASI、DVB-C、DVB-S/S2、ABS-S、DTMB、AnalogTV、FM、SDI,embedded system design.
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Product description

EMS-120 Signal Monitoring System offers a reliable way to monitor various signals , include ASIDVB-CDVB-S/S2ABS-SDTMBAnalog TVFMSDIembedded system design. Customers of the EMS-120 products include CableSatellite Head Ends and TV/FM Broadcasting transmitting stations. EMS-120 can also be used for remoting sites from a central location, offering a simple way to stream the audio/video of any channel on the network back via IP.



Key features& benefits

2 slots, Support mixed insertion of 12 types of monitoring modules
Support ASI, DVB-C, DVB-S/S2, ABS-S, DTMB, ATV, FM, SDI signal
Real-time acquisition and monitoring
Support demodulation, descramping, compression transcoding
RF channel quality measurement
TR 101 290 monitoring
TSover IP output
Physical isolation control of IP network port and multicast data network port
B/S mode direct access for configuration management
Support for remote restart and upgrade operations

Support user name, password authentication